A Good Week for Children & Families in Vancouver

Over the past week, we have introduced a series of measures that will help improve the quality of life for children and families in Vancouver.

  • Vancouver Children’s Hospital Capital Campaign
  • More Access to Quality Daycare & Less Red Tape
  • Sustainability Pledge
  • Other News
    • Collaboration for Change
    • Hong Kong Visit

Vancouver Children’s Hospital Capital Campaign

BC Children's HospitalLast Monday, we introduced a plan to support the current Vancouver Children’s Hospital capital campaign through a special partnership with the Sunny Hill Foundation for Children.

The Children’s Hospital is planning to invest almost $500 million dollars to establish a state of the art medical facility in Vancouver – located within close proximity of the new Canada Line.

The partnership is focused on land owned by Sunny Hill at 3644 Slocan Street in Vancouver.

The site was purchased from the City of Vancouver for $26,450 in 1956. As part of the transaction, the City was granted an option to repurchase the land for the same price if Sunny Hill decided to stop using the site as a children’s hospital. As part of the Children’s Hospital expansion, Sunny Hill has confirmed their plans to relocate from the current Slocan site to the new Centre.

In light of this development, we will propose asking city staff to start talks with Sunny Hill, confirm their plans to relocate and report back on the options regarding the sale of this property as a means to help facilitate the relocation of Sunny Hill and the current expansion plans of the Children’s Hospital.

In addition to being a tremendous asset for families living all across Metro Vancouver, a new children’s hospital will be a centre of excellence in health research and become a significant job creator.

It is estimated that a successful conclusion to these discussions could result in a contribution of approximately $20 million to the capital campaign.

More Access to Quality Daycare & Less Red Tape

On Thursday at City Council, Councillor Kim Capri introduced a new policy to streamline daycare regulations in Vancouver. The goal is to increase access to quality daycare for families and reduce red tape at city hall. Currently, Vancouver has established a target of increasing day care spaces by 5%. This plan will help us exceed this target.

The new policy will ensure city rules around the retrofitting of daycare facilities are harmonized with provincial standards. In addition to reducing an extra layer of administration, the plan will allow the City of Vancouver to work more effectively with the Province to create more daycare options throughout the city. It was approved by City Council.

Our government also approved a $334,000 investment in the Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres and the West Coast Child Care Resource Centre.

Sustainability Pledge

To mark Earth Day this year, I made “30 Day Sustainability Pledge“. One of the things I promised to do was recognize youth achievement in environmental awareness. Last week, it was also an honour for me to visit Walter Moberly School in South Vancouver with the Attorney General Wally Oppal to celebrate “Go Green Walking Day”. I want to congratulate the staff, students and parents for their wonderful work to raise awareness about promoting green and healthy living.

City of Vancouver Youth Awards

This green initiative is in addition to many activities taking place across our City to mark our Keep Vancouver Spectacular activities during the month of May.

Mayor Sullivan with Volunteers at the "Keep Vancouver Spectacular" Street Cleaning Campaign in Chinatown

Mayor Sullivan with volunteers at the recent Chinatown Keep Vancouver Spectacular clean-up

Other News

Project Civil City‘s Collaboration for Change Conference attracted close to 300 people to consult with Michael Kirby, Chair of the Canada’s Mental Health Commission and discuss ways to maximize federal funding for concurrent disorders of mental illness & drug addiction. Maximizing the 3,000 units of social & supportive housing in Vancouver currently under construction and in development was another hot topic.

The Vancouver Board of Trade is leading a special mission to Hong Kong later this month. It will be an honour to join the Board’s Chairman Henry K.S. Lee, City Councillor George Chow and a delegation of Vancouver’s leading business and community leaders from May 18 to 21. A more detailed agenda will be confirmed in the coming days.

Yours truly,

Sam Sullivan

Sam Sullivan