Announcing Project Civil City

When I was elected as your Mayor, I asked the question: “What kind of city do you want the world to find in 2010?”

Project Civil City document

In the months since, I have spoken with hundreds of citizens, community leaders, businesses, non-profit organizations and senior government officials about some of the challenges we are facing in Vancouver. It is clear that we must all work together to find long-term, sustainable solutions to public disorder and the contributing factors of drug addiction, mental illness and homelessness. These problems are not only affecting our most vulnerable population; every neighbourhood and every community is affected.
Recently, 2,469 citizens took the time to give their feedback on public disorder through a survey on this website. Working with Councillor Kim Capri, I have also listened to feedback through several community roundtables, and reviewed independent research which shows that our citizens care deeply about these issues and they want to see action taken now.

In response, I am pleased to announce Project Civil City, a broad new initiative to address public disorder in the City of Vancouver. I feel that we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use the Olympic and Paralympic Games as a catalyst to improve our City and to bring together our Civic, Provincial and Federal governments to create social and human legacies that will benefit generations to come.
The time for talk is over. We must focus on action and work as a community to implement solutions.
There is hope for an even better Vancouver – a more civil city. Together we can make it happen.
Sam Sullivan
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