Big City Mayors Resolution on Bill C10 & CBC Radio Orchestra

Mayor Sullivan is joining with his colleagues in the national Big City Mayor’s Caucus to present a special resolution to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual general meeting in Quebec City regarding the federal government’s proposed Bill C-10.

The Bill was introduced during the current session of Parliament. Among other things, it proposes to limit funding to some Canadian productions based on content. The motion asks the Government of Canada to amend Bill C-10 following consultations with the film industry to eliminate any measure that would negatively impact on the financing of film productions.

You will recall that during his recent visit to Vancouver with Mayor Sullivan, Academy Award Winning director Ang Lee expressed concern about proposals in Bill C-10.

Mayor Sullivan is also writing to the federal government formally asking them to keep the CBC Radio Orchestra in Vancouver. This is further to Tuesday’s City Council motion presented by Councillor Elizabeth Ball to support the Orchestra. It was supported unanimously.

In addition to contacting federal officials, Mayor has declared June as CBC Radio Orchestra Month in the City of Vancouver.