A Carbon Friendly Lifestyle

A Carbon Friendly Lifestyle

EcoDensity promotes urban density and reduces our ecological footprint.

The average resident of Vancouver-False Creek produces 20% of the greenhouse gases and uses 10% of the land of the average Canadian.

Vancouver False Creek represents what EcoDensity can achieve – a high quality environmentally friendly urban lifestyle.

While serving as Mayor of Vancouver, I began the EcoDensity initiative which has been recognized as an important advancement in City Planning. In 2009, it received the Canadian Planning Institute Award for City Planning.

I have been pleased to play a key role in the approval and development of the Canada Line which has given citizens an environmentally sustainable transportation option.

We need to enhance our transit system by adding new alternatives. During the Olympics, I initiated a project that successfully demonstrated the viability of Streetcars. I support the development of the Vancouver Streetcar Network to serve Granville Island, Olympic Village, International Village, Coal Harbour and Yaletown.


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