Citizens Speak, June 2007

“I would like to congratulate you on your courageous stand in relation to the drug misuse issues plaguing your City.”

J.F., Rhode Island, USA
“…You are a hero if you can help move politicians to act on re-establishing Riverview. Thank you, Sam.”

A.G., Vancouver
“The five goals look great. I’m glad to see that the environmental issue is number one. Keep reminding people that they too are personally responsible, and ask them if they are doing their part to, recycle, reduce household waste, and walk, ride a bike, or take public transit instead of driving the lowly automobile.”

A.J., Vancouver
“Dear Sam, my wife and I happy to see your success in reducing water squatters in False Creek…”

G.R., Vancouver
“Dear Mister Mayor, a couple of evenings ago I was watching the news on PBS, and there was a clip of you, telling about the gliding program you have introduced for the disabled. I would like to commend you for this, and everything you do in your job, helping everyone in need. God bless you, keep up the good work, and don’t let anyone ever ‘put you down’.”

R.H., Vancouver
“We believe the mayor is definitely on the right track with housing the mentally ill homeless at Riverview” – D.A., Vancouver

“Just read about your hopes to organise substitute prescribing for your substance misusers. Seems like you’re having a hard time convincing people it’s a good idea. I wish you luck with it – if you’re ever in the UK…I can arrange for you to see how it works here.”

J.H., Kings Lynn England
“Thank you for appointing Geoff Plant as the Commissioner for a Civil City…It is great to see someone of Geoff’s caliber appointed to this important role. It is my hope that with Geoff as Commissioner, and through Project Civil City, we can solve the most pressing problems afflicting people living on the street in Vancouver – and enhance the overall livability of the city at the same time.”

H.M., Vancouver