Citizens Speak, September 2006

“Mayor Sullivan, I just want to let you know how helpful Marty was when I went to pay my property tax after work at 4:50pm today. Marty saved me a lot of time in a long line up outside Vancouver’s City Hall. The City should hire more people like Marty!”

“Dear Mayor Sullivan, I frequently use the wheelchair access at 43rd and Dunbar and feel thankful in your help to make it accessible for me. It is being maintained nicely as there is black patching near the access showing that the city is keeping the road smooth near it. Thank you again. This takes 10 minutes off my ride up the Dunbar hill.”

“The Council meeting of July 6th certainly gave me a greater appreciation of your, and Council’s job! I was impressed with the patient way you and Council listened to so many speakers for such a long time, and I thank you for my opportunity to speak.”