Earth Hour: Tonight at 8pm

On Friday Mayor Sam Sullivan signed the following proclamation in support of Earth Hour (pdf). The City of Vancouver lists the actions they are taking in recognition of Earth Hour. The list includes:

  • shutting down interior and exterior lights in City Hall, the East Wing and the VanCity Building – except for emergency lights
  • shutting off decorative up-lighting under Burrard and Cambie Bridges Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings
  • turning off lighting for the Olympic Flag and the City Hall clock

Your pledges for Earth Hour

Top seven things Vancouverite pledge to do to take action on climate change (taken from our {4 One Earth I Will} city-wide photo outreach):

  1. Escape the car (“I will ride my bike once a week to work”)
  2. Shut it off (“I will turn off my computer at night”, “I will pull the plug”)
  3. Go local (“I will buy local”)
  4. Eat less meat (“I will not eat gaseous cows”)
  5. Share the word (“I will hunt you down if you don’t go green”)
  6. Go simpl(er) (“I will consume less”)
  7. Reduce water use (“I will put a brick in my toilet”)

Check out all the photos of Vancouverites who made the climate change pledge.

What’s the next step after Earth Hour?

Earth Hour VancouverJoin our Earth Hour Vancouver Facebook group by Monday, March 31st to stay plugged in to BC Hydro’s account of just how much energy use went down for Earth Hour in Vancouver and more action steps that go beyond Earth Hour.

Vote for your favorite pledge, Tuesday April 1st via our Earth Hour Vancouver Facebook group. Don’t be shy: share your own pledge, action, initiative, organization, song, film, photo, or event related to climate change on our Earth Hour Vancouver “Wall”.