Goal: A world leader in environmental practices & sustainable transportation

To preserve our health and quality of life, we have made environmental leadership one of our five goals. Mayor Sullivan and Councillor Suzanne Anton have introduced the new concept of EcoDensity to reduce urban sprawl and minimize Vancouver’s environmental footprint.

EcoDensity further establishes Vancouver as a global leader in urban planning. It recognizes land use planning as an environmental tool that cities control exclusively.

The plan will help establish green building standards, improve public transportation and increase access to quality amenities and services.

Other accomplishments over the past 18 months include:

  • delivered $2 million from City of Vancouver to restore Stanley Park following this year’s damaging storms
  • secured $4 million in federal and provincial funding for Stanley Park restoration
  • introduced motion at Translink to secure close to 100 additional buses for 2008
  • invested millions into green infrastructure to establish greenways, new bike lanes & safer pedestrian corridors
  • introduced draft EcoDensity Charter & extensive community consultation process in association with the plan
  • supported planning to complete Millennium rapid transit line & downtown railcar service
  • offered assistance to neighbouring municipalities in advance of possible Fraser River flood
  • hosted California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to showcase Vancouver’s environmental & sustainability innovations
  • introduced anti-idling by-law in City of Vancouver with extensive education campaign
  • secured federal approval to manage moorage in False Creek and accommodate visiting boaters in an ecologically sensitive manner