Goal: Most accessible & inclusive City in Canada

The comprehensive public involvement plans around EcoDensity & Project Civil City demonstrate our commitment to making Vancouver the most inclusive and accessible local government in Canada.

Over the past 18 months, Mayor Sullivan, Councillors and City Staff have participated in hundreds of meetings and thousands of hours of community consultation to develop municipal policies. More is on the way.

Mayor Sullivan and Councillor BC Lee will initiate new consultation to complete the second half of the mandate regarding Olympic & Paralympic celebrations, Millennium Line completion, G.L.B.T. community, youth involvement and climate change.

Mayor Sullivan will also convene a meeting of the Four Pillars Coalition this summer. These new measures are in addition to others introduced to make municipal government more accessible to local residents, including:

  • development of “311 Access Vancouver” municipal service in time for 2010 – funded from reallocated municipal resources
  • developed a comprehensive “made-in-Vancouver” code of conduct for staff & elected officials
  • increased cooperation with federal & provincial governments and outreach to First Nations
  • consulted with families to improve city daycare guidelines with a view to opening many new spaces for Vancouver families
  • community roundtables on social housing, mental health, accessibility, immigration, multiculturalism, arts, culture & environment
  • re-established annual budget survey of small business owners
  • made Home Owner Grants available on-line for first time
  • delivered financial sustainability for Southeast False Creek development to on-time/on-budget status
  • improved partnerships with Vancouver School & Park boards
  • established Mayor’s Task Forces on film industry, immigration & economic development
  • encouraged transparent & extensive municipal budget planning process
  • introduced Citizenship Ceremonies at Vancouver City Hall & regular Citizens’ Days for Mayor to meet with public
  • organized monthly meetings of three municipal party leaders & ensured representatives from all parties participated in regional committees
  • hosted Vancouver Caucus meetings of elected federal, provincial and municipal officials from across Vancouver
  • introduced YouthPolitik to encourage youth participation in local government