Mayor and Councillors Support Vancouver Transportation & Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and Councillors today confirmed their support for a variety of local transportation and pedestrian safety measures proposed for City Council. The City of Vancouver will invest more than $3.5 million in various upgrades to traffic signals, bike lanes and pedestrian corridors.

“Being a world leader in environmental practices and sustainable transportation is one of the five goals we have established for Vancouver,” said Mayor Sullivan. “In addition to addressing this important goal, these infrastructure investments will improve road safety and make Vancouver an even more attractive place to work and live.”

The improvements approved today by Mayor Sullivan and City Council include:

  • installation and modification of numerous pedestrian and traffic signals at more than 15 separate locations
  • improvements to Vancouver’s bikeway network at Alberni and Heather streets
  • preliminary design for Downtown Streetcar from Granville Island to Science World

Mayor Sullivan and Councillors Peter Ladner, Kim Capri, B.C. Lee, Suzanne Anton and Elizabeth Ball supported these transportation and pedestrian safety improvements.

Mayor Sullivan has established five goals for Vancouver; economic development; enhanced accountability; environmental sustainability & sustainable transportation; more civility in Vancouver neighborhoods; and support for arts & culture.

More announcements will be made in the coming weeks to help achieve these goals.