Mayor Asks Bargaining Team to Examine Richmond Labour Deal

Five year deal addresses concerns about labour stability for 2010 & no bargaining in election year: Sullivan
The following is a statement by Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan further to reports suggesting the City of Richmond has agreed to a 5 year settlement with its municipal union leadership.

“It now appears that the Richmond union leaders have agreed with Port Moody civic workers and provincial unions that labour peace for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games must be a top priority for all of us.
Now is the time for Vancouver unions to do the same.
The Richmond settlement is five years in length. I am open-minded about a five year contract because it addresses my concerns about three year and four year contracts.
A five year term delivers on two of the basic goals and objectives I described at the outset of this labour action. We would have labour stability through the Olympics and we would not be bargaining during an election.
However, any settlement, regardless of the length of the contract, must be affordable for the taxpayers and must be supported by the Regional Labour Bureau.
In the past few weeks I have asked the bargaining team to float the possibility of a five year deal. To date the union has only proposed two and four year offers.
If that has changed, and they are now open to a five year deal — and are prepared to come back with an affordable position — we will be prepared to consider it and request a change to the regional mandate.
The City of Vancouver values its workforce. One of the reasons we are one of the best cities in the world is because of our dedicated public service. We want them to come back to work and do what they do best.”

The tentative labour deal in Richmond has not yet been ratified by the union membership. A ratification vote is expected before the end of the week. Richmond is not part of the Regional Labour Bureau although it participates as an observer.