Mayor & Councillors Mark Mid-Term of Mandate

Summary of achievement sets the stage for future success: New consultations announced

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan today marked the mid-term of his first mandate with a summary of achievements. Mayor Sullivan was sworn into office 18 months ago on December 5, 2005.

“We are making real progress on the issues residents care about most – including housing, the economy, the environment and celebrating our culture & heritage,” said Mayor Sullivan. “I want to thank all Vancouver Councillors and City Staff for their hard work. We have established a strong foundation for more achievement and success in the future.”

Today’s announcement charts progress on the following five goals established by Mayor Sullivan to guide his government’s service to Vancouver:

  • the strongest local & regional economy in Canada
  • civility on our streets & compassionate solutions to challenging social issues
  • a world leader in environmental practices & sustainable transportation
  • the most accessible & inclusive city in Canada
  • a premiere destination for the celebration of arts, culture & heritage

“While our future is bright, we still have real social challenges to face that require balance and compassion,” said Councillor Kim Capri. “Vancouver’s Project Civil City is a tremendous opportunity to use the 2010 Winter Olympics & Paralympic Games as a catalyst to solve the public disorder problems that affect our city. It also builds on the success of the Homeless Action Plan and Four Pillars Coalition.”

Mayor Sullivan has helped secure one of the largest affordable housing investments in Vancouver history – in partnership with BC Premier Gordon Campbell. Approximately 1300 permanent, transitional and sheltered housing units will be established for vulnerable people suffering from mental illness and addiction.

“To preserve our health and quality of life, we have also made environmental leadership one of our five goals,” said Councillor Suzanne Anton. “I am very proud of Mayor Sullivan’s introduction of EcoDensity and his leadership in responding to the devastating storms at Stanley Park.”

Land use planning is an environmental tool that cities control exclusively. EcoDensity demonstrates our willingness to undertake the political challenge of actively supporting and encouraging increased density in Vancouver.

“Our EcoDensity & Project Civil City consultations demonstrate a commitment to making government more inclusive,” said Councillor BC Lee. “We will continue to listen to residents & business owners in the year ahead. We will also move forward on the introduction of 311 Access Vancouver municipal service.”

Mayor Sullivan will initiate the following consultation plans this year; Olympic & Paralympic celebrations, Millennium Line completion, G.L.B.T. community, youth involvement and climate change. Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Listening to local residents has also been a key part of our success on the arts and culture file,” said Councillor Elizabeth Ball. “Last month’s Creative City Conference capped a year of significant investments to restore Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth & Vancouver Playhouse and establish a cultural tourism strategy.”

Mayor Sullivan said supporting culture, arts and tourism are important ways to strengthen our economic performance in the coming year. While challenges exist, Vancouver’s economy continues to exhibit many positive trends. Employment has reached 30 year highs and construction continues to drive growth to 2010 and beyond.

“The strength of our local economy requires the responsible fiscal management we are providing. We have frozen business taxes, produced surpluses and made important strategic investments in infrastructure,” said Councillor Peter Ladner.

During the 2005 election Mayor Sullivan made two specific commitments — to improve civility & stability at City Council and restore relations with federal and provincial governments. “I have delivered on the promises made during the last election,” concluded Mayor Sullivan.
A summary of achievements related to each of the five goals is included with this release. It does not include a complete summary of Mayor Sullivan’s work as Chair of the Vancouver Police Board or the efforts of Councillors related to their participation on the Translink & GVRD Board of Directors.

Additional announcements regarding the five goals are expected in the coming weeks.

December 2005 — June 2007: Summary of Achievement

Mayor Sullivan has established Five Goals to guide his government’s service to Vancouver. The following is a mid-term status report on each of these goals.
A world leader in environmental practices & sustainable transportation

Develop the strongest local & regional economy in Canada

Ensuring civility on our streets & developing compassionate solutions to challenging social issues

Most accessible & inclusive City in Canada

Making Vancouver a premiere destination for the celebration of arts, culture & heritage