Mayor & Councillors Support Brian Foley Recommendations

Mayor Sam Sullivan and Councillor Elizabeth Ball today confirmed their support for the recommendations made by Brian Foley to end Vancouver’s CUPE strike. The following is a statement from Mayor Sullivan:

First I want to recognize the work of Brian Foley and the extensive report he completed. He is a man of great integrity with a proven track record of results in various labour disputes.

I would also like to thank the citizens of Vancouver for their ongoing civility and patience during this strike. The fact the City has looked as good as it has over the last three months is a credit to our citizens and small business owners who have demonstrated real pride in their City.

I am pleased to confirm that Vancouver City Council has agreed to support the recommendations of Mr. Foley’s report as they relate to all three Vancouver locals.

In the case of CUPE 15, I want to congratulate the union leadership on a successful vote result yesterday.

Earlier today I spoke to Local 15’s president on the phone. We talked about ways we can ensure the workers have a smooth transition back to work and how we can move forward together on behalf of the taxpayers we serve.

To the 2000+ women and men who will be planning to return to work in the coming days, I want to say that we have missed you. We have missed your expertise and the important contribution you make to our City’s quality of life each day. Welcome back.

The City of Vancouver’s immediate priority is to facilitate the return to work of CUPE 15 members and the restoration of related services.

With regard to locals 1004 and 391, we are disappointed by the results of last night’s vote.

The City of Vancouver’s negotiating team has been in contact with CUPE 1004 leadership today and will be meeting in the near future to discuss next steps.

There will be no request by Vancouver to change the Metro Vancouver bargaining mandate and the taxpayers’ interest will continue to guide my efforts – and that of our Caucus.

I would also like to thank the City of Vancouver’s negotiating team and my Caucus colleagues – in particular Councillor Elizabeth Ball – for all their hard work over the past number of weeks.