Mayor & Councillors to Support Little Mountain Housing Policy

Public consultation process must include input from local residents: Sullivan
Mayor Sam Sullivan today confirmed that he will support a Little Mountain Housing Policy being proposed for Thursday’s City Council meeting. Mayor Sullivan met with Little Mountain residents last night to discuss the plan.
“The Little Mountain housing policy will help achieve the five goals I have established for my government,” said Mayor Sullivan. “In addition to representing an opportunity to create a high quality, higher density and socially inclusive community, this plan will generate funds that can be used to develop social and supportive housing in Vancouver and around the region.”

The proposed policy includes two elements:
Memorandum of Understanding
MOU between BC Housing and City of Vancouver supports:

  • all development cost levies generated by the redevelopment of the housing site be reinvested into public amenities to serve the site and address neighbourhood needs
  • phased redevelopment
  • replace 224 existing units of social housing on site – 184 of which must be designated for families
  • half of all net proceeds from the redevelopment will be reinvested in affordable housing within the city on sites the city will lease for a nominal prepaid rent for 60 year terms
  • priority treatment for existing tenants

Little Mountain Housing Planning Program — Public Consultation Program
A comprehensive public consultation process will be established – in partnership with BC Housing – that will consider an array of housing types. There will be an emphasis on diversity, non-market replacement and increased amenities for the community – consistent with EcoDensity objectives.
In February, British Columbia became owner of the Little Mountain Housing site in Vancouver’s Riley Park area. They have requested a planning review for redevelopment of the site. BC Housing will invest all of the net proceeds from the sale of the site (after social housing is replaced) as follows:

  • 50% to affordable housing in the city
  • 50% housing elsewhere in the region & province

“Before we proceed with development, it is very important that the neighbourhood is included in the discussion,” said Councillor Kim Capri. “The public consultation process that will be established — in partnership with BC Housing — will ensure local residents are provided with an opportunity to help shape their community for generations to come. It will also ensure current tenants receive priority treatment.”
This development complements other initiatives in the neighbourhood, including:

  • Hillcrest Park for 2010
  • Canada Line station (Cambie & 41st)
  • new Little Mountain Neighbourhood House
  • expansion of Vancouver College (49th)

Current zoning/policies limit redevelopment to four-story multiple dwellings at a density of 1.5 FSR. A policy review is required to increase density, height and facilitate community improvements.
BC Housing plans to undertake a RFP to obtain a suitable development partner. Developers would be expected to prepare at least three conceptual options – one of which must be within the current four storey limit.