Mayor & Councillors to Support Resolution for Multicultural Helping Village

Mayor Sam Sullivan and Councillors today confirmed plans to vote for a proposed City Council motion resolving to support the development of a Multicultural Helping Village partnership in Vancouver. Councillor B.C. Lee will present a formal motion at tomorrow’s City Council meeting — seconded by Councillor Elizabeth Ball.

“Vancouver’s Multicultural Helping House Society has been helping newcomers integrate successfully into Canadian Society for over a decade,” said Councillor Lee. “This resolution recognizes the Society’s current facilities are no longer adequate to address the growing needs of the communities they serve.”

Councillor Lee’s motion resolves that City Council endorse in principle the Multicultural Helping Village and direct staff to work with the Multicultural Helping House Society to explore the feasibility of creating an expanded facility for a broader range of newcomers to Vancouver.

The proposal includes a housing component.

“Vancouver has a great track record of assisting non-profit organizations in facilities development,” said Councillor Ball. “To continue attracting new immigrants, we must help newcomers reach their full potential. Community-based social, educational, cultural and economic support services are crucial to securing our economic future.”

The Multicultural Helping House Society is working to secure Canada/BC infrastructure program funding. To support this application, the Society is asking for the City of Vancouver’s assistance to identify an affordable location for a new Multicultural Helping Village.