Mayor Sullivan bets on BC Lions to win Grey Cup

Challenges Mayor of Montreal to friendly competition

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan today issued a friendly challenge to Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay in anticipation of the showdown between the BC Lions and the Montreal Alouettes in the 2006 Grey Cup Championship on Sunday, November 19.

“We have agreed that the Mayor of the unsuccessful team must wear the winning team’s jersey at his next City Council meeting,” Mayor Sullivan said. “I’m quite confident that it will be Mayor Tremblay who will be wearing a BC Lions jersey at Montreal City Hall after next Sunday’s game.”

Mayor Sullivan’s challenge comes the day after the Lions’ thrilling win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Sunday, November 12, to win the CFL Western Final. The Lions will travel to Winnipeg to vie for the 94th Grey Cup this weekend.

“I can’t be there for the Grey Cup game as I will be taking part in the annual Rogers’ Santa Claus Parade on Sunday morning, but I will be among the thousands of Vancouver fans cheering on the Lions that afternoon,” Mayor Sullivan said. “I know the team will do us all proud.”
He added: “Je sais que Maire Tremblay et le peuple de Montréal partagent notre excitation pour voir ces deux grandes équipes concurrencer. Le Coupe Grey est une tradition Canadienne merveilleuse et je suis très fier que nos BC Lions participeront.”

Earlier today, the BC Lions gave a team jersey to Mayor Sullivan, which he will wear next Sunday in anticipation of sending it to Montreal on Monday, November 20.