Mayor Supports Proposed Measures to Strengthen Vancouver Port Operations

Resolutions support goal of stronger economy: Sullivan

Mayor Sam Sullivan today announced he will support measures being proposed to strengthen Vancouver Port operations. Vancouver Councillor Kim Capri has proposed three City Council resolutions for discussion and vote this month.

“Strengthening Vancouver’s economic performance is one of the goals I have established for my government,” said Mayor Sullivan. “The resolutions being proposed will enhance international competitiveness, improve governance and increase security. I will be encouraging my colleagues to support these measures.”

Councillor Capri is proposing three separate City Council resolutions to:

  • support the amalgamation of British Columbia’s three lower mainland ports
  • confirm desire for Vancouver to have at least one municipal appointee continue to serve on the Board of Directors of the amalgamated Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) & that the VFPA Amalgamation Transition Committee establish a municipal advisory body to which Vancouver and every partner municipality may appoint a representative
  • re-instate compensatory funding from the Government of Canada to the Vancouver Police as a critical element to effective policing in the Port of Vancouver

“Amalgamation of the three lower mainland ports will facilitate a regional approach to port-related land use, transportation planning and environmental standards,” said Councillor Capri. “The Port of Vancouver is critical to our long term success and I am confident the federal government is listening to our representations.”