Mayor Welcomes EcoDensity Charter & Invites Public to Provide Input

Sullivan will discuss plan with California Governor next week
Mayor Sam Sullivan today welcomed the introduction of a draft EcoDensity Charter and invited local residents to provide input on this important sustainable development initiative.

Mayor Sullivan pointed out that EcoDensity has the potential to have a positive impact on the affordability of housing in Vancouver.

“The goal of EcoDensity is to reduce urban sprawl,” said Mayor Sullivan. “Becoming a world leader in environmental practices is one of the five goals I have established for my government. The City of Vancouver’s EcoDensity proposal helps deliver on this commitment.”

The City of Vancouver will undertake the following strategic directions to implement EcoDensity, including:

  • neighbourhood planning
  • green systems
  • transportation
  • amenities & social infrastructure
  • sustainable practices in city business

In addition to identifying strategic directions, the draft Charter also confirms a set of six guiding principles for EcoDensity. A complete copy of the draft Charter is available at

“One of the goals of EcoDensity is to help meet the housing needs of all residents, including those on low incomes and those with special needs in all neighbourhoods of the city,” said Mayor Sullivan. “Through more sustainable planning, we can reduce the associated costs of housing, thereby improving affordability.”

Mayor Sullivan recognized the leadership of Councillor Suzanne Anton on this issue and added that he looks forward to briefing California Governor Arnold Swartzenegger on the plan during his visit to Vancouver next week.

An EcoDensity open house is scheduled for this Saturday at the Vancouver Hellenic Community Centre (4500 Arbutus Street) from noon to 4:00pm. Additional announcements are expected in the coming weeks.