Online Video Town Hall

Online Video Town Hall

On Wednesday night Sam Sullivan hosted an on-line video town hall meeting. Sam used the opportunity to urge voters to “consider the BC Liberal Party”. Sam said he was “proud of Premier Christy Clark and the leadership she is providing”. He added that the real goal for BC is to have a “strong economy, a secure tomorrow, and be debt free”.

You can view the town hall by clicking on the following link: Video Town Hall

The interactive meeting allowed voters to pose questions and listen to Sam’s views on a broad range of issues. Not only could residents of the Vancouver-False Creek riding, where Sam is running, link in to the town hall, but the format allowed anyone with access to the internet to engage with Sam.

Responding to a question concerning social housing Sam expressed his view of the importance of social housing and reflected on his feelings of gratitude that social housing was available to him when he needed it. He said it is essential that we “focus on the hardest to house” in our community.

Sam received questions regarding his views on access to hospitals, the shortage of affordable downtown day care, and his position on alternate approaches to marijuana criminalization.

On the latter, Sam shared that he recognized that his position on decriminalizing marijuana, although well known, may differ from some in his party. However, while Sam said he is part of a team he “wants a chance to advocate for policies I believe in.”

Sam expressed his concerns over crowding in downtown elementary schools and his passion for implementing a downtown street car network.

Sam responded to questions on the effects of salmon farming as well as the challenges faced by the gaming industry.

To a question on potential increased tanker traffic in the waters around Vancouver, Sam said there is the need for the “highest, most stringent regulations that govern these things on land and ocean”, and “there is a way we can do both, protect the environment and grow the economy.”

During the campaign, Sam has used a variety of methods in an effort to engage the residents of Vancouver-False Creek.

These have ranged from the traditional; phone calls, direct mail, all candidates forums and face to face meetings, to the more progressive; condo lobby visits, social media, and publishing his views on a wide range of provocative topics in his “Sam’s Blog” on his website

Wednesday’s on-line video town hall was just another example of how Sam has used technology to reach out to as many residents as possible in this election.
Online Video Town Hall


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