Public Disorder Survey sample comments

The response to the Mayor’s survey has been overwhelming. Thank you for your comments, your ideas, and your input on this topic. Below is a random sampling of your feedback so far.

“Please find ways to support communities within the city to deal with the issues. We know our own neighbourhoods best, and I think that communities need to be involved in the solutions, since we live with the problems.”
“Most of these issues are just surface manifestations of much larger issues. The main issue firing the disorder in Vancouver is highly drug-related. It seems to be common sense to see this, but many people tend not to think further or they try to hide behind some morality which once again hides the truth. I would like to personally be involved in working out a long term solution to this ever growing problem. Unless we confront it directly, and stop skirting the issue, it will grow.”

“I worry when approached by tourists for directions. I warn them to avoid ‘bad streets’ close to where we are talking. I’m left wondering about the safety of guests to my hometown!?!”
“I think that we can’t rely solely on Vancouver City Council to solve all security problems. There are ways to discourage undesirables from sticking around. Many of these people might not be on the streets at all had cuts to welfare and social housing not taken place which had nothing to do with Vancouver City Council and yet Vancouver City Council is blamed for not dealing with the homeless issue. Vancouver City Council needs to figure out a way to work with the Provincial and Federal Governments regarding homeless people. Other infractions like noise and garbage can be dealt with more easily with the rules in place once the homeless issue is resolved.”
“Loud noises – specifically the motorcyles. There is no need for that kind of noise – when one of those bikes passes by our condo, you can’t even hear yourself think! The panhandling and homeless problem must be addressed as well. There must be something we can do as a community.”
“Please get going on cleaning up this city.”
“I’ve noticed a marked increase in not only open and flagrant jaywalking but conversely, in aggressive driver attitudes towards pedestrians and other drivers in intersections. There seems to be a significant lack of respect on both sides. I think a severe and extended crackdown on pedestrians for jaywalking and on drivers for running yellow/red lights and multiple cars turning left after lights have gone red is necessary.”
“I would like to see more garbage cans available throughout this city. The West End doesn’t have enough garbage cans, especially with all of the visitors to the area and take out restaurants/coffee shops.”
“The greater public good must be the prime consideration at all times in dealing with individual acts of public disorder. There should be absolutely zero tolerance for such individual acts for public disorder – not matter what the cause – if a civil society is to exist and prosper in the city of Vancouver.”
“Strive for better/faster responses to graffiti complaints.”
“I believe that we need to deal with the issues of drug addiction, homelessness, prostitution, and property crime with a program that takes each equally into account, rather than separate issues as they are all interdependent.”
“I think we need to have a brilliant awareness campaign to fight it, and to get everyone involved so people will feel badly when they violate the rules and others on the street can call people on it if they are displaying public disorder. We have to work together to get this beautiful city on track. For example, I was approached three times today. Kerrisdale, lst and leaving Freeway and also in my lane. As a single professional woman living downtown and having grown up here as did my parents I find it appalling. We must stop it now.”
“There has to be significant punishment for those who break the law. Slap-on-the -wrist, revolving door, or even look-the-other-way policies do not work as there is little or no deterrence for the perpetrators. It’s little wonder there is also a general decline in civil order.”
“I’m often out at night and find very poor lighting, along with rowdy young people is causing me to reconsider my work hours. This is in the west end and on the west side as far as UBC. I don’t work in other areas. Too afraid.”
“Posting flyers on light poles, power poles, trees, mail boxes, etc.; on-street drug dealing; bongo drumming, playing amplified musical instruments in parks and on the street; consuming alcohol in parks and on street. Suggestions: More police on foot patrols and immediate attention by police to reports of public disorder. Imposing fines for by-law infractions.”