Public Invited to Provide Views on Millennium Line Completion

Survey supports three phase public involvement process: Sullivan
Mayor Sam Sullivan and Vancouver Councillors Peter Ladner and Suzanne Anton today invited residents, businesses and community organizations to provide their views about plans to complete the Millennium Rapid Transit Line to Central Broadway – and ultimately UBC.
An on-line survey at is part of a three phase public involvement process for the Millennium Line completion announced in July.
“In addition to promoting sustainable development, completion of the Millennium Line will create economic opportunities, support EcoDensity and increase access to the Broadway corridor, health services and the University of British Columbia,” said Mayor Sullivan. “Making Vancouver one of the world’s most sustainable communities is one of the five goals we have established for our government. Completing the Millennium Line is Vancouver’s top transit infrastructure priority.”

The on-line survey invites Metro Vancouver residents to give their opinion on a series of questions about the proposed Millennium Line completion project. Earlier this year, Translink confirmed plans for a $1 million Broadway West Millennium Line Study.
Councillor Ladner said, “I am particularly interested in the potential of the Millennium Line extension to connect the Great Northern Way tech campus to the region and enable it to be the heart of the next downtown for Metro Vancouver.”
“Completing the Millennium Line will help us achieve the targets we have established to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Councillor Anton. “This survey will give us an opportunity to hear from stakeholders at the start of the project so that we can make the best decisions possible.”
Last month, Mayor Sullivan hosted the first in a series of roundtable sessions to support the Translink planning and consultation process. More will be scheduled before the end of the year.

Backgrounder: Broadway West Study

Broadway West Study Translink’s Broadway West study includes a review of technologies, corridor, alignment and phasing alternatives for extending rapid transit from Commercial Drive to central Broadway and ultimately UBC. The study will also evaluate:

  • options in terms of capital & operating costs
  • environmental & social impact relative to benefits of improving transit service
  • increased ridership
  • reducing both direct & indirect greenhouse gas emissions
  • transportation land use in Broadway corridor – including False Creek Flats & South False Creek as they relate to the Broadway West line
  • integration of Downtown Streetcar network into Broadway Corridor system

The study process will be conducted in three phases – concluding in 2009.

  1. Options & Feasibility – The current phase will define project goals, review previous studies, identify stakeholders, produce short list of 3-4 options
  2. Evaluation – The second phase present conceptual designs, refine alignments and conclude with the selection of a preferred option for further review
  3. Design – The third phase would refine design, complete budget and ridership review and prepare foundation for formal environmental assessment process