Sam Sullivan launches Global Civic Policy Foundation

Sam Sullivan has launched a new non-profit society devoted to the study of urban density and innovative policies to deal with the social scourge of drug addiction. It is called the Global Civic Policy Society and it makes its web home at

Global Civic promotes a more engaged citizenry in issues of local government. Global Civic provides a forum for those who have dedicated their lives to local government through public office or the civil service.

Global Civic believes in the importance of an educated citizenry. The society supports the exploration of new techniques to increase citizen knowledge.

Initial research has been organized around three questions:

  1. What are the proper relation- ships between politicians, staff and citizens?
  2. How can we achieve denser communities?
  3. How can we live together in these denser communities?

In the days to come the Global Civic website will contain more research, news and online media to explore these ideas.