Strong BC, Bright Future. The BC Liberal Party’s Platform

Strong BC, Bright Future. The BC Liberal Party’s Platform
  • Premier Christy Clark and Today’s BC Liberals have a plan to keep BC strong by controlling spending, cutting taxes for the middle class, and creating jobs to secure BC’s bright future for our children and grandchildren.
  • A strong BC starts with a job – because a good job is the best way to look after the people we love.
    • We’ll keep creating jobs by standing up for the industries that have built this province, and are building it today – rural and urban, traditional and emerging. That means building Site C, keeping forestry strong, securing new mines, and growing our energy industry, including LNG.
    • BC already leads Canada in startups thanks our booming tech industry– and our goal is to make this the next Silicon Valley here in the country’s Pacific Gateway.
    • That includes embracing the sharing economy – and our ridesharing plan and car-sharing tax credit are great examples of that.
  • We believe you know best how to spend your hard-earned money – not government.
    • That’s why we’re going to deliver a billion-dollar middle-class tax cut by reducing MSP,
    • Freezing personal income taxes for four years,
    • Freezing the revenue-neutral carbon tax until 2021,
    • And helping out commuters with a bridge toll cap, and ferry users with a new tax break.
  • BC has among the world’s best outcomes in education and health – but the world doesn’t stand still, and we have to keep working to stay on top. And we have to make sure hard-working middle-class British Columbians can get ahead.
    • We need to give our children the best education, so they can benefit from a strong economy in a changing world.
    • We’ll continue to make record investments in health care, while innovating by expanding scope of practice for nurse practitioners and other health professionals.
    • Home ownership should be within the reach of every middle-class British Columbian. And that dream will become a reality for 42,000 households thanks to the BC HOME Partnership, along with strong action on affordable housing.
    • And the best way to support parents who are raising kids and working is to create more childcare spaces – not create long waiting lists and raise middle-class taxes with artificial pricing schemes.
  • Our commitment to balancing the next four budgets by controlling spending allows us to invest in what matters most – while paying down our operating debt and making sure money is spent on families, not interest payments. The new commitments in our platform only add up to about $150 million in new spending.
  • Our platform is in sharp contrast with the BC NDP and Green Party schemes that would hike taxes to grow government, killing thousands of jobs and pushing families to the brink.
  • Their opposition to economic development would take us back to the dark days of the 1990s – when BC was dead last in Canada for employment and economic growth, driving 50,000 people out of the province to find work.

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