Mayor and Councillors Support Plan to Create Over 1100 Social & Supportive Housing Units

MOU completes an historic year for social housing: Sullivan

Mayor Sullivan and Councillor Kim Capri tonight welcomed the unanimous decision of City Council to move forward with an historic partnership with the Province of British Columbia to develop 12 city-owned sites for social and supportive housing. Council approved the plan to create 1100-1200 new units following a series of special meetings that started on December 12, 2007.

“Tonight’s decision by City Council completes an historic year for social and supportive housing in Vancouver,” said Mayor Sullivan. “Over the past year – in partnership with the provincial government – we have initiated the development of thousands of units, secured a commitment to open shelters around the clock and agreed to expand the homeless outreach program. We look forward to more progress in 2008.”

Statement by Mayor Sullivan in response to yesterday’s verdict

The following is a statement from Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan in response to yesterday’s verdict:

“Yesterday, on the way home from an International Drug Policy Conference in New Orleans, I received word of the verdict in the case of six of the women that went missing from the Downtown Eastside.
My first thought upon hearing the verdict was for the families of the victims — not just these six but all the others waiting for justice. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

I also want to recognize the men and women who served on the jury in this case. The task was difficult and I can only imagine the haunting impact they will experience as a result of their service.

Mayor and Councillors Support Project Civil City Report & Historic Social Housing Agreement

Ambassador Program could be expanded by end of year

Mayor Sam Sullivan and Councillor Kim Capri today welcomed the first report of Project Civil City Commissioner Geoff Plant and an historic Vancouver/BC partnership to construct approximately 1200 units of social and supportive housing on 12 city-owned sites.

In addition to supporting the Civil City Report and social housing partnership, City Council approved a plan that could significantly expand the Downtown Ambassador Program by the end of the year.

Mayor welcomes choice by province of 10 non-profits to operate supportive housing

Mayor Sam Sullivan welcomed news that the provincial government has selected 10 non-profit organizations to operate the single room occupancy (SRO) hotels purchased this year by the Province, and two city-owned sites.

Ten non-profit groups were selected through an Expressions of Interest proposal call issued in August. In addition to the 10 hotels purchased by the Province this year, the proposal call also included the Drake Hotel purchased by the City of Vancouver, and a new, supportive housing development for the city-owned site at 337 West Pender St. The organizations selected for these two Vancouver-owned sites will need to receive city council approval.

“The provision of supportive housing for low-income singles is one of the ways that we’re going to reach our Project Civil City goal of reducing homelessness by at least 50 per cent by 2010,” said Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan. “These respected community service providers will address a diverse range of housing needs. I’d like to thank Minister Rich Coleman for his leadership on this initiative.”

Mayor & Councillor Capri Welcome Provincial Housing Announcement

Mayor & Councillor Capri Welcome Provincial Housing Announcement

New units will help achieve Project Civil City objectives

Mayor Sam Sullivan and Councillor Kim Capri today welcomed a significant social housing announcement by Premier Gordon Campbell and Housing Minister Rich Coleman. Vancouver’s Civil City Commissioner Geoff Plant also attended the announcement at Vancouver’s Lookout Emergency Aid Shelter.

“On behalf of the City of Vancouver, I want to thank Premier Campbell, Minister Coleman and the entire provincial government for their commitment to social and supportive housing,” said Mayor Sullivan. “This announcement will help us achieve the Project Civil City objectives we have identified. Working with all levels of government, we can deliver compassionate solutions to our social challenges.”

Today, the provincial government announced new and expanded measures to help break the cycle of homelessness with an added $41 million.

Innovative Treatment Programs Proven to Reduce Crime, Homelessness & Public Disorder

Federal Government can support Vancouver priorities with anti-drug strategy: Sullivan

Mayor Sam Sullivan and Councillor Kim Capri today welcomed a 34-page City of Vancouver report on innovative treatment for people with drug addiction. Mayor Sullivan also confirmed his intention to invite the federal government to provide funding from its pending anti-drug strategy to support Vancouver priorities.

“Delivering compassionate solutions to our social challenges is one of the five goals we have established for our government and is the key reason we introduced Project Civil City,” said Mayor Sullivan. “I support substitution treatment for those suffering from addiction because it rejects the use of needles and illegal drugs and offers real hope of reducing homelessness, crime and public disorder. It can be the pathway to long term abstinence.”