Thank You

Thank You

Wednesday, February 20 is Voting Day.

All of you who are members of the BC Liberal Party and live in the Vancouver False Creek riding will be eligible to vote for your representative in the next provincial election.  You must choose a candidate that can win and ably represent your community. It is an important decision and I thank you for taking it seriously.

Candidate speeches will start at 3:30 PM.  Voting will take place from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the:

Century Plaza Hotel and Spa
1015 Burrard Street (beside St. Paul’s Hospital)

There are 50,000 people in the riding but only several hundred will take part in the nomination decision. I feel honoured to have personally gotten to know those who take their duties as citizens so seriously that they take part in this vital aspect of democracy.  I salute every one of you! Your involvement is key to the healthy functioning of government and thus the quaity of life of all of us.

Ours is the youngest riding in the province and Lynn and I have been thrilled to introduce young people to their first experience in the political life of their community. The energy, enthusiasm and visionary thinking they demonstrated bodes well for both the party and the province as a whole. I think everyone who attended our receptions would agree that involvement in the political process does not need to be a burden but rather it is a wonderful opportunity to meet other civically minded people from diverse backgrounds.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts on this blog and I have loved reading the guest blogs from citizens I have so much respect for.  What a great example of the diversity of passions that residents of our community have.  I appreciate the effort that everyone put into their contribution.

Thank you so very much to my campaign team who have worked so hard over the past three months and the numerous friends and supporters that attended events, organized functions and provided encouragement. It is amazing to think that not one person in the campaign was paid. This was an entirely volunteer effort. I must make a special mention of the hard work and leadership of the cochairs Cristian Worthington and Sandra Giffin.

Finally, I’d like to recognize the other candidates for their efforts in the campaign, their dedication to the BC Liberal party and their commitment to the riding of Vancouver-False Creek. I know only too well the personal costs of public office. You have my respect for putting yourself forward as candidates.

I encourage all members of the BC Liberal party in Vancouver False-Creek to influence the direction of your province and give a nudge to the course of history. Please come and vote this Wednesday. Then come across the street to my Thank You Event at the Wall Center Hotel in the Azure Room so I can thank you personally for your role in making our community and province work!


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