Thoughts about Sam

Thoughts about Sam

I wanted to share my thoughts about Sam Sullivan and let you know why I support him in his pursuit of the nomination for the BC Liberals in Vancouver-False Creek.

I have been a long time supporter of Sam since his time as Mayor of Vancouver.

Over time, I have come to see Sam as a deeply engaged human being and leader who genuinely cares about Vancouver and its residents. He brought us greener neighbourhoods, more affordable housing and Insite; the only safe injection site in North America, which is supported by the current Mayor, four previous Mayors, and the past Premier of BC.

When Sam does something, he does it from the point of the issue at hand, deep insight, humanity and serving people, not politics. It is what I respect most about Sam.

When I heard that Sam would be seeking the nomination for Vancouver-False Creek, I was delighted to support him.  I whole heartedly believe that there couldn’t be a better candidate than Sam to represent our riding and keep our neighbourhood progressive, thriving and dynamic.

The issues that my friends have expressed to me as being the most important to them are their concern about affordable housing, maintaining and expanding a lively and culturally dynamic downtown core, and developing more economic opportunities, both for young professionals and young entrepreneurs.

This also includes what the economic plan will be for BC, now and in the future, to bring more jobs, more industry, greater high tech opportunities, and attract more entrepreneurs, companies, and skilled workers.

I will be supporting Sam in his quest for the nomination, and others are joining me.  I sincerely hope that you will join us as well.

Olga Orda is the co-founder and CEO of PitchPen, a Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) Entrepreneur, chosen as one of Globe Forum’s “Emerging Environmental Leaders” (2008) and holds a M.A. in Communication and Culture. She speaks English, French and Ukrainian.  Olga lives in the heart of Yaletown.


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