Volunteers Wanted!

Volunteers Wanted!

Our democracy only works if people get involved. For the sake of good government and a healthy community I encourage everyone to get involved no matter what party or candidate you support. Take responsibility for your future and help make history!

My campaign needs volunteers willing to put in a few hours, during which you will meet some truly amazing people and learn about the political process.

Getting involved in your community through politics can change your life. I was born and raised in East Vancouver and became a quadriplegic when I was a teenager. I was on welfare for several years and lived in social housing. I started a nonprofit society to create quality-of-life opportunities for people like myself. During that time I volunteered for political campaigns. Several people asked me to run for City Council. I agreed and to my great surprise won the election!

Being an elected politician can be a tedious, frustrating and disappointing experience. Especially difficult is the criticism from people who just watch from the sidelines. But through it all there are moments of great elation when you actually get something done!

Every time I get on the Canada Line I reflect on how it almost didn’t happen. I remember the backroom negotiations, the yelling and screaming, the late-night meetings and the 6 to 5 vote that allowed it to go ahead.

For five years I have been out of politics. It has been wonderful! Teaching at UBC surrounded by thoughtful, intelligent and idealistic young people. Hosting 15 Public Salons with 100 of the most interesting and motivated people. Creating the Greeting Fluency Initiative and getting introduced to 20 diverse languages of Vancouver. Having the time to write and question and study has made exited about the opportunities for this province.

But nothing happens without the mechanics of electoral politics. We cannot implement a new vision of British Columbia without your help.

Volunteering not only connects you to the political life of your community but is a great way to get to know other community minded people. Please let me know if you would like to help!   You can call me at 604-569-0150, visit my Facebook page and message me https://www.facebook.com/samsullivancampaign or email me at sam@samsullivan.ca


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