Your responses to the Mayor’s Communiqués

We have received an unprecedented amount of correspondence as a result of our Mayor’s Communiqués during the recent CUPE labour dispute. To send your own comments, email

Thank you for your words of support, and your thoughtful suggestions to date. Keep them coming.

The following is a sampling of your comments…

Dear Mayor,
In my view, it seems the city has made offers that are more than fair… We are getting along just fine, and can wait for the union to agree to settle on the terms that have been published.

We support you in this, and expect you to look out for our best interests.

Thank you.

Mayor Sullivan,
I support the City’s position on the current CUPE strike and applaud your efforts to represent the interests of all taxpayers in the City in a fair and balanced way.

Keep up the good work!

Dear Mayor,
I think the City’s offer is more than generous…

Dear Mayor,
Keep up your good work. We think the city has offer well more than a fair deal…

Mr. Sullivan,
You and [the City] are doing the right thing! I can imagine how hard it is for you – in the atmosphere of attacks by media and union members, and their supporters. I hope most of the Vancouver residents feel as I do.
Good luck!

I urge you to say the course in these negotiations…

Dear Mayor:
Please continue to back your negotiating committee…

Dear Mayor Sullivan:
I support your position…

Dear Mayor,
Stay the course, Mr. Mayor…

You have my vote. Good luck on resolving this issue

Dear Mr. Sullivan:
A friend provided us with a copy of your most recent mailing, relating to the strike. Your negotiators are right on target.
Management’s right to manage must be protected, and while citizens are being inconvenienced in a variety of ways, giving in to blackmail around garbage collection would create far greater problems down the road…

Hang in there!!

It seems to me that if other districts settled at 17.5%, Vancouver is likely to accept that increase also. Thanks for communicating with us.

Dear Mayor Sullivan:
City managers should be commended for handling the strike so well. We notice that important public areas, such as the beaches and Stanley Park, are being maintained to an extent that we would not have thought possible, especially with busy events like the English Bay firework displays. Of course, citizens and local business organizations, such as the YBIA, deserve some of the credit for mitigating a potentially serious situation.
However, the steady stewardship of the Mayor’s Office and the NPA has made a big difference too. Thank you. We realize that various special interest groups and certain members of the media think it is sport to make the challenging job of running Vancouver more difficult than it should be.

Dear Mayor Sullivan,
I think that this offer is very fair. However we must be careful to not let wages get out of sync with other public sector labour contracts in place in both Vancouver and British Columbia…
I fully support your efforts and the Vancouver council.

Keep up the good work.

Hi Sam,
Keep up the good work. We are proud of all you are doing for the city of Vancouver!

We agree with Sam Sullivan that it is imperative that any contract entered into today must extend beyond completion of the 2010 project, otherwise the taxpayers can be hung out to dry. So we support your stance.

Mayor Sllivan,
Although I am not a very active participant in city politics, I am aware of the necessity of citizen participation in a healthy civic democracy. The current city Council has been very open and engaging which is refreshing to see… I’m sure that negotiations will continue until an appropriate resolution is found. I am pleased with the direction of the city and I hold you partly responsible for that, but I also hold you responsible for making everyday people share that responsibility by being so engaging. Keep up the good work.

Dear Mayor Sullivan,
Good work!
We need to settle this but we don’t need to pay over the top.
Taxpayer money is limited and the union must not trump other needs.

Hi Sam.
Good job, I think that you have a reasonable, middle ground approach. I hope that the city and the union succeed in getting a deal.

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on the important issue of negotiations. No one wants a strike. It is in no ones’ best interest. I have heard several Union representatives speaking on the radio. Not one of them has made any kind of case to justify work stoppage. Even when the reporters have pressed them for a reason for a strike – no clear answer has been given.
Also, benefits that civic employees receive are HUGE compared to other workers in the city. This should be stressed more.

You are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!…

Dear Mr. Mayor,
This latest offer seem much better. Thank you for the many hours you and your staff have put in to run our city.

I have read the package and think the offer is more than fair, much better than many taxpayers who are funding it could hope for. Stick to your guns.

Hi Sam,
I will support you to deal with the Union issues. Of course, negotiation is the best way to solve the problems today. From a taxpayer point of view, I think we really need city having a strong team to do the negotiations. Some times, city should have a firm position.

Mayor Sullivan,
I am most impressed with your negotiating position with the union. The offer is fair and reasonable. I also listened to your comments on CKNW today regarding the impaired driving conviction of Tim Stevenson. Very well done.
You explained how you spent a considerable amount of time in hospital surrounded by the victims of drunk drivers, and left it at that. The people will decide next election. Keep up the good work, Sir.

Dear Sam,
This is a vote of support for your approach to this issue: transparency.
Including the letters, issues and your offers is a fair approach.
Please include this letter as one citizen who supports you……….heartily.

Hello Mr. Sullivan,
I offer you and your staff my best wishes.
Thank you.

Dear Mayor Sullivan.
I appreciate the membership being kept up to date on the details of this action and have been impressed with the evenhanded approach of yourself, Ms. Rogers and your administration staff.

Every city in Canada should have leadership this good!

I support your position.