Mayor and Councillors Support Plan to Create Over 1100 Social & Supportive Housing Units

MOU completes an historic year for social housing: Sullivan

Mayor Sullivan and Councillor Kim Capri tonight welcomed the unanimous decision of City Council to move forward with an historic partnership with the Province of British Columbia to develop 12 city-owned sites for social and supportive housing. Council approved the plan to create 1100-1200 new units following a series of special meetings that started on December 12, 2007.

“Tonight’s decision by City Council completes an historic year for social and supportive housing in Vancouver,” said Mayor Sullivan. “Over the past year – in partnership with the provincial government – we have initiated the development of thousands of units, secured a commitment to open shelters around the clock and agreed to expand the homeless outreach program. We look forward to more progress in 2008.”

In addition to the comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding for the 12 Vancouver sites, city staff will summarize the financial costs of these and other social housing investments and circulate it to other municipalities – with a request that they report to the Metro Vancouver Housing Committee on their contributions to achieving regional housing goals.

“The partnership we have supported tonight will ensure ongoing consultation with community stakeholders as development proceeds,” said Councillor Capri. “I would like to thank Mayor Sullivan for his leadership and my Council colleagues for supporting this plan.”

In addition to supporting the Vancouver-BC partnership, Mayor Sullivan restated his commitment to encourage the Government of Canada to reinvest in social housing. “The problem of homelessness, drug addiction and mental illness on our Downtown Eastside is a national issue. I look forward to working with the federal government in the coming months.”