Mayor and Councillors Support Project Civil City Report & Historic Social Housing Agreement

Ambassador Program could be expanded by end of year

Mayor Sam Sullivan and Councillor Kim Capri today welcomed the first report of Project Civil City Commissioner Geoff Plant and an historic Vancouver/BC partnership to construct approximately 1200 units of social and supportive housing on 12 city-owned sites.

In addition to supporting the Civil City Report and social housing partnership, City Council approved a plan that could significantly expand the Downtown Ambassador Program by the end of the year.

"Delivering compassionate solutions to our social challenges is one of the five goals we have established for our government," said Mayor Sullivan. "Project Civil City uses the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games as a catalyst for social change. The historic social housing agreement we have approved today is another example of the important progress we are making to achieve the goals we have established."

The Vancouver/British Columbia Social and Supportive Housing Partnership identifies 12 city-owned sites that will be developed for social and supportive housing for the homeless and those at-risk of homelessness – particularly those suffering from drug addiction and mental illness.

The partnership is expected to produce close to 1200 units of social housing in Vancouver.

"I want to thank Mr. Plant for his hard work," said Councillor Capri. "In the last 12 months we have taken action to improve public order in the entertainment district, invest in social housing, secure a commitment from the province to revitalize Riverview and increase funding for the Vancouver Police Department. An expanded Ambassador Program will compliment these initiatives."

Vancouver’s City Manager will prioritize the Ambassador Program as part of the Project Civil City report and submit an implementation program and funding source by the end of this year.

Project Civil City was introduced by Mayor Sullivan and Councillor Capri last year. It identifies specific targets to reduce homelessness and public disorder. Earlier this year, Geoff Plant was appointed by the City of Vancouver to the position of Civil City Commissioner.